The Platform

A full view of global epidemic risk.

Our Global Epidemic Monitoring and Modeling (GEMM) platform is designed to deliver a global view of epidemic risk, including high-granularity data from historical and current outbreaks, tools to map and analyze operational and life insurance exposures, indices, and our suite of infectious disease risk models.

How It Works

The most comprehensive infectious disease database.

Metabiota's database covers a century of human outbreaks. We have collected, curated, structured, and validated data from hundreds of sources to provide a deep view into the frequency, severity, and duration of outbreaks around the world. We actively identify, monitor, and report on emerging disease threats around the world through near real-time surveillance data.

Hundreds of data sources
Processed and analyzed in near real-time
Delivered to you via our platform

The most sophisticated infectious disease model catalog.

Metabiota's stochastic disease spread models incorporate the latest biological, socioeconomic, political and environmental data and scientific understanding.

Our catalog includes millions of scenarios for a wide range of emerging diseases. These provide users with reliable estimates of the frequency and severity of epidemic events and enable epidemic risk analytics.

Built by experts in the fields of epidemiology and data science and externally validated, it is the only model of its kind to capture such a broad range of events.

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Expertise to assess, quantify, and analyze epidemic risks.

We work with leading organizations across the insurance industry, as well as multilaterals and disaster-risk financing organizations, to develop novel infections disease-related products. We combine leading epidemiological, statistical and actuarial techniques to quantify epidemic risk, shed light on uncertainty, and provide data-driven consulting on policy design.

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