Metabiota in Insurance Day: Not so unexpected? Modelling pandemic risks

It is possible for insurers and clients to estimate potential losses caused by events like Covid-19, the chief executive of San Francisco-based Metabiota says...  View article in Insurance Day: Not so unexpected? Modelling pandemic risks

Metabiota joins Lloyd's Lab for COVID-19 Cohort

Metabiota is delighted to join Lloyd's Lab's Cohort 5 to support the markets in responding to COVID-19 and future pandemics. We'll work closely with Lloyd's to provide epidemic risk data, indices, modeling and other analytic tools to support development of innovative epidemic-related insurance coverage.  To read more about Lloyd's Lab's Cohort 5, click here.   

Metabiota in Wired: We Can Protect the Economy From Pandemics. Why Didn't We?

A virologist helped crack an impossible problem: how to insure against the economic fallout from devastating viral outbreaks. The plan was ingenious. Yet we're still in this mess. Metabiota in Wired: We Can Protect the Economy From Pandemics. Why Didn't We?

Metabiota in Brookings: AI: The complex solution to simplify health care

Health care languishes in data dissonance. A fundamental imbalance between collection and use persists across systems and geopolitical boundaries. Data collection has been an all-consuming effort with good intent but insufficient results in turning data into action. After a strong decade, the sentiment is that the data is inconsistent, messy, and untrustworthy. The most advanced health systems in the world remain confused by what they’ve amassed: reams of data without a clear path toward impact. Artificial intelligence (AI) can see through the murk, clear away the noise, and find meaning in existing data beyond the capacity of any human(s) or other technology. Organizations like Metabiota have mapped thousands of pandemics to generate a model for risk. Existing electronic information systems (EIS) hold valuable historical health data when they are available—both pandemic models and EIS are excellent sources for AI engines targeted at optimization of pandemic response at scale. View article on Brookings: AI: The complex solution to simplify health care

Metabiota at Wall Street Journal Tech Health: Deep Dive: Tracking and Detecting an Epidemic

Kamran Khan, CEO of BlueDot and Nita Madhav, CEO of Metabiota discuss how AI tracked the spread of the new coronavirus at WSJ Tech Health. Metabiota at WSJ Tech Health Deep Dive: Tracking and Detecting an Epidemic

Metabiota in TIME: COVID-19 Won't Be the Last Pandemic. Here's What We Can Do to Protect Ourselves

COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic in our deeply interconnected world, and sadly it won’t be the worst. Two profoundly different possible futures are available to us: one in which we stick our heads in the sand as we have consistently done, and one where humanity takes the hard, necessary steps to protect itself. View Article on Time: COVID-19 Won't Be the Last Pandemic. Here's What We Can Do to Protect Ourselves

Metabiota on CNN: Taxpayers Shouldn't Have to Pay for Pandemics. Here's a Solution.

As an epidemiologist, I spent the first 20 years of my career discovering unknown viruses that could cause pandemics, such as novel coronaviruses. I spent most of those years arguing that if the world didn't better prepare for pandemics, countless lives would be lost. Then, 10 years ago, I started looking at the financial fallout as well. I became convinced that if we don't prepare for pandemics, countless livelihoods will also be destroyed. Covid-19 has shown that waiting to respond to epidemics can prove catastrophic. It has proven that we need to prepare for the financial fallout of the next major pandemic. But how? That's where the insurance industry can help. View Article on CNN: Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for pandemics. Here's a solution.

Metabiota on CNN: It's Too Late for this Pandemic. But Everyone Wants Insurance Against the Next One.

Businesses around the world are facing catastrophic losses as the novel coronavirus forces them to scale back operations or shut down entirely, and most don't have insurance cover for pandemics. Companies are now racing to buy protection against the next outbreak, insurance experts say. Metabiota CEO Nita Madhav said the company's modeling suggests that coronavirus outbreaks could happen once every 25 to 50 years, with other disease outbreaks occurring more frequently. Metabiota's team of epidemiologists and data scientists worked with Munich Re and Marsh to develop their insurance products. View Article on CNN: It's Too Late for this Pandemic. But Everyone Wants Insurance Against the Next One.

Metabiota in Actuarial Review: Coronavirus Spread Reveals Coverage Gaps

Although the coronavirus first diagnosed in China’s industrial city of Wuhan is continuing to spread worldwide, experts predict its impact on the property-casualty insurance industry will be minimal. But that does not mean that the pathogen, known as the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), should be ignored. View Article in Actuarial Review: Coronavirus Spread Reveals Coverage Gaps

Metabiota on BBC: Coronavirus - The Psychology of Panic Buying

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people are flocking to supermarkets worldwide – but are they simply preparing, or irrationally panicking? View Article on BBC: Coronavirus: The Psychology of Panic Buying