The Platform

A new way to view, analyze and understand epidemics

This platform offers detailed information for over 120 distinct pathogens, including a profile, history and up-to-date disease statistics. Stay current on which infectious diseases are emerging and gain insights about them.

Enter the Epidemic Tracker

Your customizable tool for tracking events that could impact human and economic health

Metabiota offers free data and resources on current outbreaks and diseases.

Near Real-Time Events
Reported Cases & Reported Deaths
Over 120 Pathogen Profiles

The Epidemic Tracker is a resource for those concerned about disease events

Infectious disease outbreaks can cause enormous damage and disruption, and recent events such as those caused by the SARS, MERS and Zika viruses have resulted in significant human health implications as well as billions of dollars of economic losses.

Everyday people

Those who are curious about what is going on in the world and those who like to travel.

Corporate Risk Managers

Those whose jobs are to be aware of risks that may impact the operational or economic vitality of organizations.

Health & Safety Professionals

Those who are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of a workforce.