Services Overview

Increasing preparedness for outbreak events.

For almost a decade, Metabiota has been forging strong ties in local communities and engaging with international governments to offer technical skills and tools that can help countries assess risk and facilitate earlier detection of outbreaks. Metabiota provides the U.S. government with disease surveillance and laboratory-based expertise for reporting systems abroad. Employed strategies endeavor to train host-country scientists in sustainable practices for safely executing disease detection, which is further promoted through international research collaborations.

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We partner with nations in three key areas to build resilience to infectious disease outbreaks.

Public health

Collaborations to monitor, prepare and mitigate the effects of emerging diseases, many of them zoonotic, from becoming devastating global pandemics

Threat reduction

Training, preparedness and tactical management to support and enhance governmental detection networks in regions vulnerable to outbreak events

Policy analysis and advisement

Expertise and analytics to engage in dialogue on global infectious disease preparedness; production of scientific policy research and interactions with governments and multilateral organizations worldwide

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Understand your risk.

Our Government Services team work throughout the world with agencies and organizations seeking to better understand their risk and mitigate it. To learn more about our offerings for governmental organizations, contact us.

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