Financial Risk Insights

Manage your epidemiological risk portfolio.

Develop New Products

Infectious disease threats are on the rise. Metabiota’s suite of data modeling analytics products and services provide insurers with insights to develop innovative new products to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

Manage Portfolio Risk

Our infectious disease model and realistic epidemic scenarios enable a deep and precise understanding of the infectious disease risk in your existing policies and current book of business. Back-test your triggers against past events or create your own epidemic scenarios with our model to accurately price your products.

Understand The Threats

Explore the most comprehensive catalog of historic infectious disease outbreaks purpose-built for the financial services industry to understand their frequency and severity. Set alerts for new threats as they emerge worldwide and see how they impact your business.

Powerful Analytics

Metabiota’s GEMM Platform showcases our 100 year historical database and our model catalog of over 40,000 realistic scenarios. See detailed breakdowns of both historical and modeled epidemic events. Use your exposure data to see estimated losses and see how the frequency and severity of outbreaks affects your portfolio.


  • Data analytics
  • Workflow optimization
  • Performance optimization
  • Scenario modeling
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Risk decisioning